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Our tools are specifically designed for use in industry and meet the highest quality standards. Whether you work in metal processing, construction, or electrical engineering, you will find the right tool for your needs with us. We carry well-known brands such as 3M, Pattex, WD40, tesa, BALLISTOL, and many more.

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Our customers appreciate our fast delivery and excellent
customer service. If you have questions about our products or need individual advice, we are happy to assist you. We help you find the right tool for your specific requirements.

We are proud to offer our customers only the best tools. Our products are characterized by high durability and robustness and are optimized for use in industry. You can rely on your tools to last a long time and support you reliably in your work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We supply high industrial quality tools and equipment. 

Our product range meets the requirements of trade and industry in Germany and Europe.

As a specialist in exports outside of Europe, we are bound by certain regulations. That’s why only registered users receive an offer.

No. We offer only to commercial customers outside Germany.

Registered users will receive their individual offer with daily updated prices in a short time.
In our offer we take delivery times and price validity into account.

Due to our focus on export and depending on your location we are offering including freight or ex works our warehouse. Please get in touch with our experts to find the ideal delivery for you. 

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Actik Tools Help Centre: Get your All Machinery Shopping Solutions

When you place your order, the next obvious thing to do is wait for your orders to arrive. This wait can be quite anxiety-ridden if you do not get updates about your order or do not receive support post-delivery of your order. We’re here to provide you with the information and assistance you need to make your experience on Actik Tools online shopping as smooth as possible. Now, you can conveniently shop any time, from anywhere, and anything that you want. Actik Tools is a one-stop destinations for all your machinery equipments needs and requirements, from camping to industrial tools to hand tools to fitting systems, everything is just a few clicks away. Actik Tools provide you convenience, at the same time, a better experience can make online shopping a nightmare for many. To ensure that your shopping experience is delightful, the Actik Tools Help Centre Support offers every assistance. Furthermore, if you do not find a solution to your queries here write us or dial +49 731 1408511 to get your issues solved.

Customer Care Support

You can 7 days Customer Care Support on the Actik Tools Help Centre. Any query or issue that you may possibly have while shopping on is taken care here. This page is easy to navigate, and you can get support almost immediately. Once you log onto your Actik Tools account, this page shows you recent orders and let you report any issue. By clicking on the specific order, you can raise your query. It also has a email to ensure that your queries and issues are taken care of. Similarly, there are other options on this page that are created to assist you and to make your shopping experience hassle-free. You can get support any time and get a satisfactory solution to your queries and issues within a short while.

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