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Are you a Professional tradesman? Then, Bosch has what you need.

Bosch Professional Tools

Bosch Professional is the undisputed market leader for power tools & cordless tools such as cordless screwdrivers, drills, hammer drills, angle grinders, jigsaws & more, both for commercial use in industry and trade, as well as for private use. With the purchase of BOSCH tools & power tools you decide for the highest quality, durability, working life and top service. In terms of color, the BOSCH Professional series stands out from the DIY line in green with its distinctive blue finish.

Which Type of Power Tool user are you?

Bosch Blue or Green?

As you might expect, most Bosch Blue users are professional tradespeople. Their tools are required most of the time, and the jobs they tackle tend to be more ambitious, consisting of many different activities lasting more than a single day. 

By contrast, a typical Bosch green user is a DIY enthusiast who would only use power tools occasionally, and on short-lived jobs involving one or two main tasks. Think shelf hanging or curtain rail installation.

Depending on which group you fall into, you will have different requirements in the following areas

Tool Functionality and Specifications
Tool Functionality and Specifications
Duration of Tool Use
of Tool Use
Safety Features
Features to Minimize Health Risks
Features to Minimize Health Risks
Warranty Coverage
bosch vs green

Bosch Green vs Blue

A question of specifications

The most important difference between Bosch blue and green? Bosch blue and green users naturally place different demands on their power tools. Because casual DIY work typically makes limited demands on tools, the products in the Bosch green range have modest but adequate specifications, standard features and lightweight construction.

For professional and intensive users, it is a different story. They want a power tool that can cope with serious challenges, like putting holes in concrete. And it should do so without stopping to recharge too often. The Bosch blue range does not disappoint!

True professionals invest in superior tools like the Bosch GSR 18-2-li plus Professional knowing that they will benefit from bullet-proof build quality. But wear and tear is a fact of life, and warranty coverage is therefore another important factor to consider in the green Bosch vs Blue Bosch debate. The Bosch blue range has an enhanced warranty option that ensures your power tool is back in action as quickly as possible. That is essential for anyone whose tools are their living.

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